Le jardin des enfants: Danse Créative

 In partnership with Le jardin des enfants, we are offering a dance class open to ALL Mini-Maternelle kids (ages 2.5 and up!) Creative dance let’s young dancers expand their minds and reach new levels of imagination. Using songs, props, poetry and movement, children get to explore the wonderful world of dance, create characters, and get lost in storytelling. Come express yourself and have fun in French! 

 Wednesdays, 12:45-1:30 (lunch and play from 12-12:45 supervised by Ali) $274 for 10 week session 1/20 – 3/23

 There will be a FREE 20 minute demo class on Wednesday, 1/13 at 12:15, right after Mini-Maternelle.  Parents can watch (although bear in mind that some kids will do better and participate more without their parents watching) and kids can try out a bit of what they could be doing in the class. 

 This class will be taught by Sophie Olson, an incredibly talented and experienced dance teacher who also teaches at LILA (Lycée International de Los Angeles) in Los Feliz, West Valley and Pasadena.  She will have an assistant with her and some weeks may have a drummer!  SODE runs various world dance programs in Burbank public schools as well as at LILA and is wildly popular with students and parents.  We are so fortunate to have her partnering with us! 

 To enroll, follow this link, select Winter 2016 programs and then “Danse Créative”.  You will also need to select the “Mini-Maternelle Lunch” option.  Parents picking up at 1:30 will do so from the classroom from Sophie. 


Bear in mind we require a minimum enrollment to be able to run these programs.  If cancelled due to low enrollment, you will receive a full refund.